ALL you need for Sustainability

ALL you need for Sustainability

ALL you need for Sustainability

ALL you need for Sustainability
ALL you need for Sustainability

ALLS Consulting assists companies and institutions
in reading the environmental and social risks,
in order to size development opportunities associated
with the green&energy transition and to finance
the necessary investments.


The challenges of the global current economy are defined by sustainability. This means that every single entrepreneur has to carry out a continuous search for a strategy where all the processes that participate in the creation of value, integrate the economic, social and environmental dimensions, according to a logic of continuous improvement.

On the long run, this would generate positive impacts for all stakeholders, as well as in the short and medium term.

A sustainable business requires a high profile of governance, capable of thinking and evaluating the economic, environmental and social impact generated by the process itself, capable to improve life and health of any community.

The issues of sustainability and responsibility are today essential for the company that looks to their future and are a necessary condition for business continuity.

The sustainable company is the company that lasts over time and takes on the connotation of support and value for the common good.


ALLS Consulting is a consortium of companies and professionals that has a total of over 100 permanent resources, with multidisciplinary ESG professionalism.


ALLS consulting partners over the past 20 years have taken care of more than 3000 projects related to sustainability.

Society of Professionals – srl

Chartered accountants and statutory auditors. For over forty years the professionals of the PizziniCosta&Partners firm have been offering specialist knowledge in financial and business analysis; in computing and in corporate and tax consultancy; in extraordinary operations and restructuring; in strategic sustainable development projects.

We create lasting value, stimulating awareness for responsible business transformation and inspiring sustainable growth models.

Valuing the two dimensions, internal and external, we support companies in the construction of a strategy of sustainability and in the cultural and leadership development.


Engineering company founded in 2001 by prof. Maurizio Fauri, professor of Electrical Energy Systems at the University of Trento. PTE is highly specialized in all energy sectors, from the design of renewable source plants to energy efficiency, consumption monitoring and the free energy market.


Studio Giovanelli is specialized in the research and use of non-repayable grants and, more generally, in subsidized finance at a European, national and provincial level. Studio Giovanelli operates in all economic sectors, with a particular focus on investments related to sustainability.


A high profile lawyer, trained in European law. He deals in particular with public contracts, services of general interest, territorial government policies. Cozzio has gained significant experience in the academic field with lectures in Italian and foreign universities. Furthermore, he coordinates the Observatory of Community and National Law on Public Procurement in Trento (Italy).

10 areas of expertise

  1. Company’s strategic projects for sustainable development, including economic, financial and corporate structures
  2. Strategy and sustainability reporting
  3. Energy efficiency and requalification
  4. CO2 calculation, reduction and compensation
  5. Subsidized finance supporting sustainable investments
  6. Corporate culture and social impacts
  7. Circular economy and European Taxonomy
  8. Governance and adequate organizational structures of companies and corporate groups
  9. European law and public procurement
  10. Sustainability Certifications

An integrated approach

The thematic areas and specializations of ALLS Consulting Partners are: sustainability sciences, environmental and energy engineering, economics and corporate structures, business organization, social sciences, subsidized finance, European and environmental law. Facing all the various fields of sustainability means addressing all the issues together in a substantial, coordinated, efficient and useful way.


Why getting involved now

The goal of decarbonising our economic system is a commitment that cannot be postponed anyfurther. Corporates, public bodies and individuals require urgent concrete actions. As far as companies are concerned, this represents a profound change in approaching productions, markets, stakeholders, any of them requiring strategic planning, investments and finance as well as a redefinition of organizational and governance structures. The economic system is the key to achieving the European goal of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1999 levels and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.